Team Kagam

Kagam Trust was founded by three humble hearts from Salaiputhur of Erode namely Raja, karthik on March 23rd, 2007. After some year of service few more folks (Guru, Saravanan ) stretched their hands to serve this society. A 10 years old girl named S. Mani who was suffering from heart disorder (hole in a heart) was helped by our team mates and sponsored around Rs. 6,500 for her expenses. This incident was made to form a team to help others who are in need. So we formed KAGAM TRUST as a volunteer team to support others. Our team has been grown up rapidly. Now around 120 members are serving society through this team. Our team members are from various schools and colleges in and around Erode

பதிவு எண் : 115/2010

எங்களை அழைக்க : +91 888 31 83 888